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Servant Leadership

Today is the first official day of Beloved Beyond Measure's new website with connections to Twitter and Facebook. I wanted to take a moment to praise the Lord for what He has done, and to thank someone special, the woman who demonstrated Servant Leadership, Debbi Bryson. If you have read my journey on the about us page, then you read that Debbi followed the Lord's leading in asking me to go to Russian with her. What God taught me through Debbi has changed my life. She asked women from all over the United States to join her in Russia. With so many women spread throughout the U.S., she had to trust God. She communicated individually with each person, and when we arrived in Russia, she trusted each person to do what they were directed to do. She knew each women and what their gifts were, and then asked them to work within their gifts as they were directed by God. Not once did she micro-manage, but she led. She led us in devotions. She led us by example. She led us by loving Jesus and allowing each person to serve. She knew what was going on at all times, but without hovering. As each person worked, she taught, and when she was done, she served. This photo is my favorite picture from that trip, because it reminds me how to lead in the position that God has called me to. It was in my office during ministry, and is in my office now as I coach and work within the public arena today. Thank you Lord for placing Debbi in my life at the moment that you did, and thank you Debbi for listening to our Lord and being an example of His love and leadership.

I would like you to encourage you to visit Debbi's page. It includes amazing devotionals and guides for reading through the Bible in a Year.

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