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These mini devotionals are letters that God spoke to my heart during Bible studies and quiet times with Him.  Once my close friend told me, " I can always tell when your writing a Heavenly Husband, because your hand begins to fly across the page."  

These letters were edited to make up for my horrific spelling, but are the words spoken deep within my heart...words of comfort and love spoken to my spirit.  


It is my prayer that these words would speak to your heart as they spoke to mine, and that you would truly know how loved you are, to see yourself through His eyes, and understand the love of Majesty that created you.  

We truly are loved by majesty. In that knowledge we can face the circumstances of each day, living in the knowledge of that love.


What are Heavenly Husband emails?

"  You are loved by Majesty.  Now go and live today in the knowledge of that love."

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